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The Zombie MEGAPACK ®. Jack Dann и др.

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Resurrected corpses, voodoo conjuring, black magic (and blacker science)…these are all well known to cause zombie breakouts. Here are classic and modern tales, full of thrills and chills and the living dead…tales of zombies! These stories don't (well, mostly don't!) go for the gross-out. Great writing, lots of atmosphere and suspense (and the occasional laugh) – if you want more than just extreme horror and gross-out scares, this is the zombie collection for you!<P> Included are:<P> SYMPATHY FOR ZOMBIES, by John Gregory Betancourt<BR> LARGER THAN LIFE, by Lawrence Watt-Evans<BR> PLAGUE PIT, by Sydney J. Bounds<BR> COOL AIR, by H.P. Lovecraft<BR> THE LAST BEST FRIEND, by C.J. Henderson<BR> UNDER THE SHADOW OF JONAH, by Jack Dann<BR> ZOMBIES ON BROADWAY, by Jack Dolphin<BR> SOME NOTES ON THE «ZOMBI,» by Lafcadio Hearn<BR> THE HOLLOW MAN, by Thomas Burke<BR> OUTSIDE THE BOX, by John Haggerty<BR> WHILE ZOMBIES WALKED, by Thorp McClusky<BR> THE CORPSE MASTER, by Seabury Quinn<BR> WHAT THE MOON BRINGS, by George T. Wetzel<BR> NIGHTFALL ON THE DEAD SEA, by Ray Faraday Nelson<BR> BUB AND THE ZOMB BOYS, by A. R. Morlan<BR> THE MENTAL GANGSTER, by John Russell Fearn<BR> THE DIGGING AT PISTOL KEY, by Carl Jacobi<BR> CRIME AND AUTHORITY, by C.J. Henderson<BR> DEAD MEN WORKING IN THE CANE FIELDS, by William Seabrook<BR> HERBERT WEST: REANIMATOR, by H.P. Lovecraft<BR> I WALTZED WITH A ZOMBIE, by Ron Goulart<BR> BLACK CANAAN, by Robert E. Howard<P> <P>If you enjoy this ebook, don't forget to search your favorite ebook store for «Wildside Press Megapack» to see more of the 260+ volumes in this series, covering adventure, historical fiction, mysteries, westerns, ghost stories, science fiction – and much, much more!

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