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The Mary E. Wilkins Freeman Megapack. Mary E. Wilkins Freeman

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  • Тип: Текст
  • Автор: Mary E. Wilkins Freeman
  • Издательство: Ingram(2020)
  • ISBN: 9781434442864
  • Страниц: 1016
  • Язык: Английский
77.88 руб.

Victorian author Mary E. Wilkins Freeman (1852-1930) is most remembered today for her ghost stories, but she was a prolific and popular author in many genres: not only the supernatural, but mystery and suspense, romance, and especially contemporary fiction were her speciality. She produced more than two dozen volumes of published short stories and novels. For this volume, we have grouped the most famous of her supernatural stories together at the beginning, then moved on to more mainstream works. I’m certain you will find something you enjoy; her interests and subject matter were broad, and her work holds up remarkably well today. <P> Included in this volume: <P> THE WIND IN THE ROSE-BUSH<BR> THE SHADOWS ON THE WALL<BR> LUELLA MILLER<BR> THE SOUTHWEST CHAMBER<BR> THE VACANT LOT<BR> THE LOST GHOST <BR> A FAR-AWAY MELODY<BR> THE LITTLE MAID AT THE DOOR<BR> A SYMPHONY IN LAVENDER<BR> THE HALL BEDROOM<BR> A GENTLE GHOST<BR> THE TWELFTH GUEST<BR> THE JADE BRACELET<BR> THE WITCH'S DAUGHTER<BR> THE PRISM<BR> THE POT OF GOLD<BR> THE COW WITH GOLDEN HORNS<BR> PRINCESS ROSETTA AND THE POP-CORN MAN<BR> THE CHRISTMAS MONKS<BR> THE PUMPKIN GIANT<BR> THE CHRISTMAS MASQUERADE<BR> DILL<BR> THE SILVER HEN<BR> TOBY<BR> THE PATCHWORK SCHOOL<BR> THE SQUIRE'S SIXPENCE<BR> A PLAIN CASE<BR> THE STRANGER IN THE VILLAGE<BR> THE BOUND GIRL<BR> DEACON THOMAS WALES'S WILL<BR> THE ADOPTED DAUGHTER<BR> TWO OLD LOVERS<BR> THE BAR LIGHT-HOUSE<BR> THE STORY OF LITTLE MARY WHITLOW<BR> A MISTAKEN CHARITY<BR> ON THE WALPOLE ROAD<BR> A HUMBLE ROMANCE<BR> A MODERN DRAGON<BR> AN HONEST SOUL<BR> A MORAL EXIGENCY<BR> A TASTE OF HONEY<BR> A GATHERER OF SIMPLES<BR> BRAKES AND WHITE VI'LETS<BR> AN OBJECT OF LOVE<BR> A SOUVENIR<BR> OLD LADY PINGREE<BR> A WAYFARING COUPLE<BR> IN BUTTERFLY TIME<BR> AN OLD ARITHMETICIAN<BR> ROBINS AND HAMMERS<BR> GENTIAN<BR> A CONFLICT ENDED<BR> THE «HORSE HOUSE» DEED<BR> AN UNWILLING GUEST<BR> CINNAMON ROSES<BR> A WANDERING SAMARITAN<BR> A LOVER OF FLOWERS<BR> A PATIENT WAITER<BR> A CONQUEST OF HUMILITY<BR> <P> If you enjoyed this Megapack, please check out the rest of the series – covering science fiction, fantasy, horror, mysteries, westerns, classic authors, and much, much more! Search on «Wildside Megapack» in your favorite ebook store to see the whole list.

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