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The First Darkness. Mitchell Boone's Gibson

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  • Тип: Текст
  • Автор: Mitchell Boone's Gibson
  • Издательство: Ingram(2020)
  • ISBN: 9781456608460
  • Страниц: 302
  • Язык: Английский
77.88 руб.

Anshar was one of the first Angels ever created. He was over 12 billion years old. He was created to perform the function of a Gatherer. His kind policed the borders between the lower worlds and they prevented demons, elementals, vampires, and other lesser entities from crossing into the realm of Earth. Anshar and his partner Rodare were also charged with the duty of escorting the souls of select fallen humans from the lower worlds into the Celestial City.<br><br>Anshar had carried out his duty for billions of years, but now, he faced a challenge that even his legendary strength could not overcome. He was dying. Gatherers were subject to a rare kind of malady called The First Darkness. The disease strikes without notice and robs angels of their strength, sanity, and celestial power. The Creator took pity upon Anshar and gave him a chance to overcome the disease.<br><br>Anshar was allowed to enlist the help of Melvina, a beautiful and talented human woman with a rare gift. She did not know of the origins of her power. She did not know why The Creator had chosen her to help an Angel. She believed that helping this powerful celestial stranger was her only way to freedom from a life she longed to escape. As Anshar descended into madness, his plan to cure himself would unleash a plague of death, chaos, and destruction upon the earth. With the help of Melvina, a gifted human Adept, and a crafty Archangel, Anshar would face a colossal battle for his very existence.<br><br>The First Darkness is a sweeping tale of love, celestial magic, destruction, and chaos. This gripping tale of one Angel's battle for love and resurrection draws the reader into an intensely passionate one-of-a-kind love story that is surely to become a classic in its genre.<br><br>Testimonials<br><br>Fascinating story…filled with suspense waxes with an effortless and beckoning pace; but yet quite arresting…love it. The first spiritual thriller I have read thus far… The scene is set; the tone, color and ambience are all seamlessly woven together for what promises to be a great book. More power to you Dr. G! J. Thompson, Minnesota<br><br>These chapters are extremely thought provoking. The whole concept of there being 'Stealers of souls", the whole maze of this world, so many illusions that stick like superglue to our being, and the path to freedom and compassion after all our lessons have been learnt. What a journey this is, magnificent and awesome and only just begun! Thank you for writing this book! D. Anderson, Baltimore MD<br><br>Keep it coming, Dr. Gibson. Having written some fiction myself, I especially admire your skillful and rich descriptives of the setting (which obviously come from life-experiences). Looking forward to more… Well done. M.P. USA<br><br>Dr. Gibson, as someone mentioned, "a spiritual thriller" is very unique! This book is very exciting. I am hooked, so please keep them coming! Thank you for allowing us to peak into the world that is your soul....J. Davis, London<br><br>Thank you for sharing this, another, magnificent book Dr G. More power to the light…please keep it coming! Also, with each chapter my vocabulary is put to the test; not to mention taking to task my spiritual intelligence…P. Lindsay, San Bernadino<br><br>Even though this book is written as a work of fiction many things in it are true. I have been witness to and partook in the Chorus and it is something you never forget. It is not something you only experience with your mind but with your whole being. It links you to the light of the Creator and is a gift from him/her. Your whole being is moved to an energy that is, all at once, one of peace, deep joy and a feeling of returning home to where you belong. This home is not a physical place but is a state of consciousness and a vibration of the totality of who you are. I came upon the Chorus in a journey to the vast emptiness. An emptiness that was/is alive. There were beings of light in this place they were singing in praise, gratitude and love for the Creator. They sang with every fibre and photon of their being. And I found I was with them and began to "sing" too. It was the most natural thing to do I would not have chosen to do anything else. And I felt the presence of the Creator as a being of vast, golden light who knew who all of us were/are and heard/hears everyone's song. Some part of me is with them still, singing.<br><br>Thank you for writing this book Dr. Gibson..B. Henderson, London<br><br>Dr. G, this is truly a work of magnificence. It is a soothing balm for my overly-taxed soul. Thank you also for the reminder of the wonderful gift we have been vouchsafed. I look forward to adding the published work to my collection, and sharing it as a gift with friends and family. L. Jansen, Delhi India

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