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Instructional Agility. Cassandra Erkens и др.

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The true power of assessment comes when emerging results determine what comes next in student learning. This practical book empowers educators and their teams, schools, or districts to move seamlessly between instruction, formative assessment, and feedback, improving school culture more effectively than traditional methods. Instructional agility enhances ownership of learning, proficiency, and motivation for students, and promotes a positive school culture. Each chapter concludes with reflection questions that assist readers in determining next steps for supporting the whole child and the whole learning process. Learn how to promote an agile culture of learning in school to increase student ownership of learning: Discover how instructional agility fits within the six tenets of the essential assessment framework. Learn how to foster and maintain a culture of learning in schools. Gain strategies and tools to enhance instructional agility and assessment practices. Examine examples of instructional agility in action. Consider questions that help individual teachers and learning teams contemplate what they learned and their next steps for implementing for instructional agility strategies. Contents: Chapter 1: Establishing a Culture of Learning Chapter 2: Engineering Engaging Conversations Chapter 3: Questioning Chapter 4: Observing Chapter 5: Mobilizing Chapter 6: Practicing Chapter 7: Fostering a Culture of Instructional Agility References and Resources

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