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Hello? Is Anyone There?. Roger Philip Abbott

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  • Тип: Текст
  • Автор: Roger Philip Abbott
  • Издательство: Ingram(2020)
  • ISBN: 9781630876258
  • Язык: Английский
1442.61 руб.

According to the Bible, the God of Christianity has a reputation for answering prayer. However, many Christians have been sometimes severely tempted to think they have been sold short as they have found themselves in some crisis and have cried out to God in all sincerity, and found that he has been «out.» From years of pastoral experience in addressing crises, and after having to face crises in his own experience, Roger Abbott attempts to help Christians who are struggling with what seem to be very real instances of God not answering their heartfelt prayers. There are many books about prayer, but there are not many that attempt to face the huge struggles with prayer that pray-ers can face. This book, while refusing to shirk those struggles and the debilitating emotional impact they can have, also attempts to navigate those emotional struggles with the use of a practical theology. Some Christians think, other Christians pray. Hello? Is Anyone There? combines a passion for thoughtful theology and a passion for prayer, out of a passion for a relationship with God in Christ.

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