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Fantastic Stories Presents the Imagination (Stories of Science and Fantasy) Super Pack. Edmond Hamilton и др.

Imagination' was one of the most successful science fiction magazines of its time. While many of it contemporaries tried to push literary boundaries, 'Imagination' focused on adventure and space opera, assuring its financial success. Here are some of the finest stories ever to appear in its pages. Over 200,000 words of pulse-pounding adventure fiction. 'Mr. Spaceship' by Philip K. Dick 'The Mind Digger' by Winston Marks 'Earth Alert!' by Kris Neville 'Stopover Planet' by Robert E. Gilbert 'Voyage to Eternity' by Milton Lesser 'Spacemen Never Die!' by Morris Hershman 'Brown John’s Body' by Winston Marks 'Spillthrough' by Daniel F. Galouye 'The Legion Of Lazarus' by Edmond Hamilton 'The Beasts In The Void' by Paul W. Fairman 'The Star Lord' by Boyd Ellanby 'The Invader' by Alfred Coppel 'Prison Of A Billion Years' by C. H. Thames (Milton Lesser) 'Prelude To Space' by Robert W. Haseltine 'Spies Die Hard!' by Arnold Marmor 'The Minus Woman' by Russ Winterbotham 'The Dictator' by Milton Lesser 'Adolescents Only' by Irving Cox, Jr. 'Goodbye, Dead Man!' by Tom W. Harris 'Native Son' by T. D. Hamm 'Dogfight—1973' by Mack Reynolds 'Cancer World' by Harry Warner, Jr. 'Mr. Chipfellow's Jackpot' by Dick Purcell 'The Graveyard Of Space' by Milton Lesser 'There Is A Reaper' by Charles V. De Vet 'Zero Hour' by Alexander Blade 'Piper in the Woods' by Philip K. Dick

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