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Convenient Brides: The Italian's Convenient Wife / His Inconvenient Wife / His Convenient Proposal. Catherine Spencer и др.

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Convenient proposals… burning passion…The Italian’s Convenient Wife Catherine Spencer When Paolo’s niece and nephew are orphaned, he arranges to marry Caroline, the twins’ American aunt, to protect them. But first he must show Callie that he’s changed since their affair nine years ago. As their convenient marriage becomes real, can old desires be rekindled?His Inconvenient Wife Melanie MilburneEmily has a chance to save her writing career but powerful magnate Damien won’t let her write a book that will expose his family secrets. He’ll stop at nothing to prevent her – even marry her! But will the fierce attraction between them send their paper marriage up in flames?His Convenient Proposal Lindsay ArmstrongThe sexual tension between Ellie and gorgeous Australian Brett is overwhelming, but Ellie is dismayed when he proposes a marriage of convenience. After all, can she afford to put her heart, and her son’s heart, on the line?

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