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Constructing a Relational Cosmology. Группа авторов

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This collection of five essays is both a dialogical engagement with and critical assessment of Nancy R. Howell's book Constructing a Relational Cosmology. The collection includes three essays written from a Whiteheadian process perspective (by Marit A. Trelstad, Kathlyn A. Breazeale, and Marjorie Hewitt Suchocki), one from the perspective of narrative theology (Lisa Stenmark), and one from the Soto Zen Buddhist perspective (Stephanie Kaza). Howell, responding as a Whiteheadian feminist philosopher of religion, takes the critiques and suggestions of her dialogical partners with the utmost seriousness as her foundation for suggesting new directions for ecofeminist thought–an example of what Whiteheadians call «the process of creative transformation.»

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