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Color Gamut Mapping. J?n Morovič

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Gamut mapping algorithms, implemented by color management systems, are an integral part of the color reproduction process. By adjusting the colors with appropriate algorithms, gamut mapping enables original colors to ‘fit’ inside differently shaped color gamuts and authentically transfers images across a range of media. This book illustrates the range of possible gamut mapping strategies for cross-media color reproduction, evaluates the performance of various options and advises on designing new, improved solutions. Starting with overviews of color science, reproduction and management, the text includes: a detailed survey of 90+ gamut mapping algorithms covering color-by-color reduction and expansion, spatial reduction, spectral reduction and gamut mapping for niche applications; a step-by-step example of a color’s journey from original to reproduction, via a digital workflow; a detailed analysis of color gamut computation, including a comparison of alternative techniques and an illustration of the gamuts of salient color sets and media; a presentation of both measurement-based and psychovisual evaluation of individual color reproductions; an overview of alternative approaches to gamut mapping proposed by the ISO and the CIE including an analysis of the building blocks of gamut mapping algorithms and the factors affecting their performance. Color Gamut Mapping is a comprehensive resource for practicing color and imaging engineers, scientists and researchers working in the development of imaging devices, software and solutions. It is also a valuable reference for students of color and imaging science, as well as photographers, graphic designers and artists.

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