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Chris Potter Jazz Styles. Oelgario Diaz

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  • Тип: Текст
  • Автор: Oelgario Diaz
  • Издательство: Ingram(2020)
  • ISBN: 9781456627393
  • Страниц: 4
  • Язык: Английский
1670.39 руб.

This book is a summary of exercises and jazz improvisation lines designed to improve contemporary jazz style techniques.<br><br>The book is divided in scale, arpeggios, chromatic exercises and jazz lines phrases from Chris Potter.<br><br>These exercises should be transposed to all twelve (12) tones, so we can achieve perfect coordination.<br><br>Major, minor and dominant chords, extended to their highest level, scale wise, arpeggios and chromatic passages.<br><br>There are none signature centers, so all these exercises will be worked accidentally.<br><br>This project is an extension of my last three methods of improvisation:<br>* Improvise Now<br>*220 Chromatic Exercises + 1165 Jazz lines phrases<br>*Herbie Hancock lines voicings and rhythms from transcriptions. <br>*John Coltrane & Michael Brecker Legacy

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