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An English Grammar - The Original Classic Edition. Witt William

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  • Тип: Текст
  • Автор: Witt William
  • Издательство: Ingram(2020)
  • ISBN: 9781486413140
  • Страниц: 336
  • Язык: Английский
606.21 руб.

So many slighting remarks have been made of late on the use of teaching grammar as compared with teaching science, that it is plain the fact has been lost sight of that grammar is itself a science. The object we have, or should have, in teaching science, is not to fill a childs mind with a vast number of facts that may or may not prove useful to him hereafter, but to draw out and exercise his powers of observation, and to show him how to make use of what he observes.... &lt;p&gt; And here the teacher of grammar has a great advantage over the teacher of other sciences, in that the facts he has to call attention to lie ready at hand for every pupil to observe without the use of apparatus of any kind while the use of them also lies within the personal experience of every one.?Dr Richard Morris. &lt;p&gt; The proper study of a language is an intellectual discipline of the highest order. If I except discussions on the comparative merits of Popery and Protestantism, English grammar was the most important discipline of my boyhood.?John Tyndall. <br/> &lt;p&gt; What various opinions writers on English grammar have given in answer to the question, What is grammar? may be shown by the following? &lt;p&gt; English grammar is a description of the usages of the English language by good speakers and writers of the present day.?Whitney &lt;p&gt; A description of account of the nature, build, constitution, or make of a language is called its grammar?Meiklejohn &lt;p&gt; Grammar teaches the laws of language, and the right method of using it in speaking and writing.?Patterson &lt;p&gt; Grammar is the science of letter; hence the science of using words correctly.?Abbott &lt;p&gt; The English word grammar relates only to the laws which govern the significant forms of words, and the construction of the sentence.?Richard Grant White &lt;p&gt; These are sufficient to suggest several distinct notions about English grammar? &lt;p&gt; Synopsis of the above.&lt;p&gt; (1) It makes rules to tell us how to use words. &lt;p&gt; (2) It is a record of usage which we ought to follow. &lt;p&gt; (3) It is concerned with the forms of the language. &lt;p&gt; (4) English has no grammar in the sense of forms, or inflections, but takes account merely of the nature and the uses of words in sentences. &lt;p&gt; This book covers three divisions:? &lt;p&gt; Part I. The Parts of Speech, and Inflections. &lt;p&gt; Part II. Analysis of Sentences. &lt;p&gt; Part III. The Uses of Words, or Syntax.

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